Taking Photos

Photography – My Passion

Anyone, like me, that’s ever had a passion for photography knows that just pointing a camera and pressing the shutter does not make you a photographer. Although many cell phone owners might beg to disagree.

There’s nothing snobbish here, I’m not saying that you have to have a dSLR to join that high echelons of photography, because you can take good shots with an iPhone. I know, I’ve done it. So it’s not the equipment, although this certainly helps, it’s more than that. It’s about composition, framing and having a basic understanding of light.

The Good Old Days

When I started out it was all film and film was expensive, especially color film. So we, as in I, tended to stick with black and white. Plus; color was just so complicated and developing was difficult and temperatures of the developing chemicals critical. Then most film was made for daylight use so white balance was always wrong inside.

I used flash cubes back then, which worked once and once only. Designed to blow but in that instant give a brilliant flash. More of a novelty than a serious bit of kit but it meant you could get results at weddings, parties and indoor gatherings. But they were no better than the limited flash from a cell phone, that are used today.

Back to the Future

Fast forward to today, I bought a Canon 7d mkII, two years ago. If I compare it to my old Minolta camera, which is now 28 years old – it’s incredible. No more white balance issues and when there are I can fix these easily with software or even inside the camera.

Instant feedback, I can see what I’ve taken immediately, no waiting for days. A flash unit that negotiates with the camera how much flash is needed. And ISO (used to be called ASA) which was set for a film and max’d out at 400. Now it goes to sixteen thousand and I can set it per frame.

All quite amazing but the old rules of good photography still apply and optics never change. So all those things I had to learn, still apply. And I think I’m a better photography because of all that knowledge. My (long) apprenticeship, so to speak). And some of the best photographs are still the iconic ones from the last century

I’ll be sharing my thoughts here on this site, so stay tuned.