Interior Design Hertfordshire

Tulip arrangementRevamping Your Home

When revamping your house it’s hard to get all the design elements just right. It’s easy to get confused and to mix up all sorts of styles and colours, which creates a visual mismatch. Now some people would like this explosion of design elements all thrown together, they’d call it bohemian.

modern living room interiorWe Found an Interior Designer

Well here in Hertfordshire were lucky to have an interior design companyKenza design. They take your brief and turn your ideas and thoughts into a cohesive design and present this to you with a visual. Life in Herfordshire

They go further than this though. They provide a list of all the the design features that they’ve included in the visual. This includes their manufactures/supplies name, the manufacturers reference number and where to order them.

They also provide a full installation service as well. They’ll arrange for the decoration, order new fixtures and fittings, as agreed. Then arrange delivery and installation. A full project management service. Get Ideas

Your Home is about You

Unlike other buildings you may frequent, your office, your club, your church. Your home is personal, it’s your space and therefore it has to special.

Your home is important and you want it to reflect your personality, your tastes. But in a way that looks good, that impresses you visitors. But at the same time your home is a dwelling and must allow you to carry out all the daily choirs as needed.

luxury light fittingBringing It All Together

Kenza interior designers will design your home to fit around you and your family. it goes without question that their designs will make your home look high quality and look fantastic. But they always remember that first and foremost it’s a home and has to function as a home. They’re not in the business of designing show homes, where no one actually lives in one. No, they design with style with practicality. A hard trick to pull off.

How to choose an Interior Designer