The Great Three Piece Luggage Set

packing in a tight caseThe Travel Industry

Today travelling is a big industry, tourism, business travel, sightseeing. All made possible by the availability out cheap flights and accommodation.

Now it might seem that travelling, especially international travel is expensive. And it still is, but everything is relative. Compared to fifty years ago it’s relatively cheap. However some locations are more expensive than others. Connected major cities are fairly cheap because these routes are the most popular and so lots of people fly them. So there’s a whole airline industry there to pick up the trade.

Lesser or smaller destinations, means the traffic is less and airlines have problems filling all the seats on the aircraft. So those that fly those routes have to cover the airline’s costs, which includes their profit. This is Supply and Demand on action.

The same applies when traveling direct internationally. Flights to London, Paris, Rome are cheaper than the smaller European cities.

The Arduous Airport Check-In

One of the worst things about flying is airport check-ins. Such an arcane system of showing your passport, your ticket then handing over your baggage belongs to a bygone age.

It’s inefficient and causes unnecessary delays for passengers. It’s good to see that Singapore’s international airport is moving into the twenty first century and making self check-in an option for all passengers.

You scan your passport, your ticket, optical face recognition makes sure it’s you. Then you check-in and label your cases. Hopefully all airports will introduce this soon.

Talking of airport check-ins, make sure your suitcases are up to it. Good suitcases save you a lot of grief in the long run. And our favorite are the three piece luggage sets, like the ones here

vintage 3 piece luggage setGood Three Piece Luggage

Good suitcases are expensive but they pay for themselves in the long run as you can expect to get ten good years or of them. Whereas a cheap suitcase might give you just three or four years. Then it becomes tatty and needs to be replaced, which is another cost.

Lost luggage, how it happens and why?

What happens to lost luggage?